Carver Water provides business development and sales services for membrane manufacturers as well as for water and wastewater treatment system providers. Through our channel partners we are able to provide our clients with water and wastewater treatment technologies including conventional filtration, ultra/microfiltration, membrane bioreactors, and desalination with reverse osmosis.​

Strategic Partnerships Enable Us To Bring Our Clients Unparalleled Value And Capabilities

Innovative Water Treatment Systems

Introducing The Proteus BBF: An Innovative Replacement For Traditional Clarification Technology

Primary Treatment

  • Title 22 Certified

  • Effective carbon removal

    through TSS removal (50-80% removal vs 30-40% for clarifiers)

  • Removes ~70% of soluble BOD

    via aerobic oxidation

  • 20-30% more biogas produced

  • 10-25% reduction in aeration energy requirements

  • Wet weather flows treated to primary or secondary standards

  • Up to 4x peak flow (responds well to hydraulic load fluctuations)

Secondary Treatment

  • Nitrification/de-nitrification/ phosphorous removal

  • Eliminates need for a sedimentation basin

Tertiary Treatment

  • Further de-nitrification and TSS removal

Atmospheric Water Generation

Introducing The AWG:

Pulling Drinking Water From The Air

AWG Contracting US is a leading provider of

atmospheric water generator (AWG) technology, a

reliable source of pure water for military, civilian, and

commercial uses. Their on-demand, on-site

production reduces infrastructure and logistical

challenges, making it a sustainable solution for clean

water access.

Units range in water production from 800 liters

to over 10,000 liters per day, including the AWG5000

Emergency Response Military Grade Unit.

Currently, AWG and CWT are in development of permanent structures, with significantly lower

costs, to be implemented in various water stressed cities in the US and abroad.


Moses West, founder of the Moses West Foundation has been invited to attend the 2023 UN Water Conference. This conference is a prestigious event held by the United Nations to address the global water crisis and promote sustainable water management practices. As a keynote speaker and representative of the foundation’s innovative atmospheric water generation technology. The foundation has been making significant strides in providing clean and safe water in areas where traditional water sources are scarce or contaminated. Moses’ participation in the conference is a testament to his commitment to advancing sustainable solutions and his contributions to the global effort to achieve SDG Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation for All.

A World Class Hydroponics System Developer

Introducing The AWG:

Pulling Drinking Water From The Air

Sybel Solutions has an innovative hydroponic farming technology and techniques geared towards

revolutionizing the urban and vertical farming industry. We are dedicated to providing fresh,

locally grown produce to consumers in urban areas, using sustainable and innovative farming


There is a growing demand for locally grown produce in urban areas, as consumers become more

aware of the environmental and health benefits of supporting small-scale agriculture. Our vertical

farming method allows us to grow a wide variety of crops in a small footprint, making it ideal for

urban settings.

One key aspect of our operation is our water recycling system, which allows us to conserve water

and minimize our environmental impact. By recirculating and purifying water used in our

hydroponic systems, we are able to significantly reduce the amount of water needed for our crops.

In combination with Carver Water and the Moses West foundation, we can provide the ability to

grow produce in water stressed locations.

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